LegisForum, Inc.


LegisForum, Inc. was established with the aim of providing value-added professional services.  The organization's primary strength lies in its core team which combines experience from backgrounds as diverse as litigation, corporate and tax practice, banking, securities, telecommunication, information technology, finance, and education.  The experiences of the team members are also complementary, thereby creating a cohesive unit.

Primary Purpose

The primary purpose of LegisForum, Inc. is to provide consultancy services, training, workshops and seminars, and to provide corporate, tax, and financial advisory services.

The multidisciplinary skills of the organization's core team allow LegisForum, Inc.  to offer clients a comprehensive service, adapted to the client's structure and expectations.

Contact us:

LegisForum, Inc.
8/F Chatham House, 116 Valero Street
Salcedo Village, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone Nos.: (632) 844-3871; (632) 844-3819;
(632) 844-3906; (632) 840-0785
Fax No.: (632) 886-7868); (632) 844-3935; (632) 687-3106
E-Mail: cpbase@legisforum.com or cpbase@pacific.net.ph
Website: http://www.legisforum.com
Contact Person: Atty. Christine P. Base, Managing Director